Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Sunday December 11, 2016 at 7:45PM

I bike everyday and my health is super good. My weight is pretty much the same even if I bike everyday, but I eat a lot to give me strength to teach. I love Battambang. It is much safer here than the city. I love num banchoke. I love Khmer food. I miss chocolates, though! Mondays are our day of getting ready, we do laundry, buy groceries, write emails, and teach people, and we get to sight see. Today, after teaching, we are going to Phnom Sompov and we are going to the bat caves. I'm really excited! We will be back at 7 and we will ride a car there. Phnom Sompov is still in battambang. So it's not far and we are going in a group of missionaries.

One of the most amazing things I get to see in my service is that I get to see the change in people's heart. Their life has changed for the better. One of the things a girl we taught told us was that , her life has become better, her purpose in life has become more clearer because of God. She had more courage and love for those she hate and God has given her many  miracles such finding jobs and goals in life. Her life before knowing Jesus Christ was dark and no hope. Now her life has changed. I am grateful to serve people and to help them understand that there is light in our lives. I am grateful for the work here and I have learned so much on being humble and kind to others.


Sister Sok

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