Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Happy New Year!

Sunday January 15, 2017 at 10:59PM

Hello families and friends,

I hope you all have a Happy New Year! Sorry it's a bit too late to say this.

I am doing well. It's a bit challenging to try to write down all of the experiences I've had this week in 20 minutes. However, I will do my best.

Hah, it's been crazy. First, I got an emergency companion transfer. Her name is Sister Luke. I got her permission to share you her experiences.  Haha here we go: I am still in the same province, Battambang and the same two branches, though. Sister Luke has the rare condition, Narcolepsy. She served in Battambang but in another branch. She has been struggling with the condition and her last companion for a while. It was hard for both of them. But she had requested to transfer in my areas, since they are not 100% in the woods. Hah. It's quite an experience, because she falls asleep when she bikes sometimes and in the lessons as we are teaching people. She can fall asleep and go into this trance-like state any time. It's way scary, but hilarious at the same time. She is such a trooper, though. So whenever we bike, we have to bike side by side and I have to constantly talk to her. The mission has been trying to research for the meds and things look pretty hopeful for her! As long as she takes an hour/ 40 minute..I think she will be Ok. It seems to be working at least.

It's been hard, but God has blessed my companion and I with so many miracles. Heavenly Father has been teaching me more and more everyday how to have charity in this transfer, one of the hardest things I am trying to have. The mission is really changing my life for the better. I get to see a broken family whose father abuses the kids or drinks and never comes home to him diverting into 180 degrees of change. I get to see him come back to church with a clean slate and a happy family. He gave up all the bad things in his life and really now wanted to take care of his family to the best of his ability. I get to see so many more people changed. In my mission, we are not allowed to teach the opposite gender. But it's super cool to see how our visits with his wife and his wife changing and being such a wonderful example. He is now changed because of her examples through Christ.

Another day of miracle happened. It's so crazy. One morning, my comp, a recent convert, and I were so ready to get out and bike to all of the less-active members' houses. None of them wanted to meet us at the time. So as we were riding our bikes back, I passed by a small dirt road that lead to an investigator we always try to visit but she was either in Japan or just never there. It was a miracle as I felt like I had to turn into that small dirt road and saw her outside of her house. As soon as I parked our bikes, I had another feeling to just asked if we could clean her house and wash her dishes for her. She said yes and we went right to work. We spent the entire morning helping her clean her house. She was so sweet and we asked her if we could share her a message. Notice, we had planned for her at all!!! So here we prayerfully and desperately asking for God's help. I thought of the simple yet sweet story of prodigal son, teaching people from the approach that God really is our loving heavenly father. Little did I know that the story completely compelled her to come back to church. She told us how much that parable meant to her. She told us that she has committed some things in her life that she was not so proud of and she felt "disgusted". Her family has been broken for a while. She is a single mom who is holding onto her life as much as she can to make a better life for her son. Repentance has been an emphasis in the mission and is dear to my heart. This is the only way I can ever grow closer to Christ.

I remember in one of my meetings, we were learning about our time in the mission. I remember how excited I was reading the first few paragraphs of the call and stopping my breath to get over the last few. I realize that my time here in the mission is crucial. That I am " expect to devote all of my time and attention to the Lord". The mission at first is very exciting and the drive is fresh. The mission can get very mundane at times, the spark can get weaker. However, every bit that a missionary is, he or she is of Christ. Converting and forgetting or losing yourself more and more of who you are on this earth and the recollection your true identity and who you were in heaven. Obedience and preaching the conditions of salvation, faith and repentance are what I am trying to internalize.
" Behold his mission is given unto him, and it shall not be given again." -D&C 58:16

Sister Sok

Sister Sok and Sister Luke

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