Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Sweet Old Lady

Sunday April 16, 2017 at 10:48PM

Happy Easter!

Sorry for the late Happy Easter, but I hope that your Easter Weekend went well. Easter in Cambodia is quite interesting, especially since it falls on Khmer New Year and hah it gets pretty crazy. Last week and this week, many folks would travel to their provinces, so it was a bit quiet in the province we are in. We were suggested to stay inside the house and not proselyte as much during Khmer Year. My companion told me that they threw rocks at her last year during the New Year and drunk people trying to stop you from biking. For this year, nothing to that extend happened, but it was still pretty crazy. When we got back from the church service,  we entered this village, on the way, we saw a group of teenagers  in the middle of the road, carrying water balloons and baby powder. My companion was in front and these guys stood in the middle trying to hinder us from riding our bikes. One of the them grabbed the back of my companion’s bike and grabbed her face while trying to pour powder on her! It was quite frustrating, they finally let us go. It is crazy to think about it now.

Last week, we got to visit this sweetest old lady.  She has been trying to find a church to attend, since she has moved to Keansvay. Her story gives me shivers. She doesn’t have a house to live in and her children had all left her.  But a lady whose house we get to teach the sweet old lady at had mercy on her and provided her a place to live and took the old lady in to be her servant. When we first met her, she had this beautiful smile while running up to greet us. . She has such a light in her countenance; she makes me miss my grandmother. She started telling us how she got to know of Jesus Christ and many of her living testimonies. The sweet old lady told us how she has suffered from an intestinal illness and another illness that had caused her to need more blood in her systems. While at the hospital, she had no money, not much belongings, and the chance of getting her blood type at that hospital was very scarce. She told us how she got to the point when she accepted the Lord’s will and trusted in His plan for her.  Then, all of the certain a stranger came to her life and offered her the amount of blood and type she needed. It was such a miracle for her. Then,  she was faced with another trial of finding a place to seek refuge. Then a young lady had asked if she needed a place and a job. She started tearing down while telling us more miracles that the Lord had her experience. The spirit absolutely testified of her faith. She had prayed to the Lord to meet someone who would show her on which and where she could attend church, as so she is ready and willing to give God all she has and her life of service to Him.

Another story that helped strengthened my faith in Christ was with a young woman who had been struggling with this mental/emotional illness. She is the only member in her family , but her father is starting to learn about the Gospel. Her mother currently believes that her daughter had been possessed and is carrying some evil spirit. She doesn’t believe in medicine and other forms of help. It is so sad. The young woman truly needs help from the doctor. It is so sad to see her suffer. We are trying to get the branch members to find ways the young woman could receive correct treatment. She has been struggling with her illness for a while, however, ever since she started living the Gospel , she has been receiving much healing. Before, she would go in and out of her flow of consciousness of which is not consistent when were teaching her. We would talk to her, but she would just stare pass us. One day, her illness got really bad and she couldn’t eat and did not want to go outside or even drink water. She had asked the Elders to give her a blessing. Right afterwords, she had stood up and went to get some water and smiled.  It was such a miracle. Now, her family is still working on trying to get her diagnosed. I believe.

I could honestly say that being a disciple of Jesus Christ has helped me grow and to sincerely love people and to truly see their light from Jesus Christ, from a different place, one that is an ocean away from my home. It has made me appreciate life so much more. I was listening to a testimony from a missionary serving here and she has made me realize more and more of the worth of one’s life and the appreciation for everything around me .  I have grown and changed as a better person. Now, when I go out, I get to see much beauty around me, of vast untainted fields, of palm trees, of birds chirping, and flowers all over the place. I am just happy. (There is this movie entitled "Life is Beautiful" directed by Roberto Benigni.  When thinking about going out sharing the Gospel and even writing this letter, it makes me think of the movie. I hope you all do get the chance to watch it.)  As cliché as it is, I get to see how beautiful and I am grateful of Heavenly Father’s creation, all that makes my life worth living for because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ . For others to receive the Joy the Gospel offers them and how their lives have changed.

With love and gratitude,
Sister Sok


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