Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Headlight to Hunt Frogs

Monday May 29, 2017 at 2:28AM

Hello Hello!

I hope all is swell in America! Things are good here in Cambodia!

I am doing well here. I am getting to know the Khmer people much on a personal level and I have gotten to truly know and sense my own cultural and national blood through being with my own people. I've learned to come to appreciate the love the people here have for me and how much of a difference their lives and hearts have changed in believing in Jesus Christ. We are teaching a family right now about the way they can find happiness through Jesus Christ and His Gospel: the Good News. The husband is struggling to stop smoking, so we have been helping strengthen him and his wife to stop smoking and create a healthier lifestyle for their family now and the eternal life.

Yesterday, we were riding our bikes to try to visit a member's house, the other pair of missionaries had to show us her house, because we were still a bit lost in the areas. On the way, my companion, Sister Jex had this feeling to stop by this lady's house, because it was flooding and she was trying to get the water out. We biked passed her house, but decided to bike back and help her get water out of her house. Inside her dark gloomy house, there was an old fragile woman who was hopelessly laying down on her bed. I asked the lady if I could go in and say Hello to her mother. The lady responded back that her mother is nearly on her death bed and is burdened with this illness. The lady told us that her mother is paralyzed from the waste down and could not move much. She basically lays there all day long. The lady welcomed me in and asked if I could take a blanket to cover her freezing body.Man, I felt so much of God's love for that woman as I sense the warmth of the blanket over her emaciated body. I gave her a hug and sang "I am a child of God" to her in Khmer. She smiled at me and asked what my name is. She could not speak or hear very well. But I could sense and guess what she was saying. My companion came in the house a few minutes later and told her who we are and our names.  We then opened the hymn book to sing"I know that my Redeemer Lives". The day was cool and super gloomy, but as we were singing to her she miraculously lifted herself up and sat up and looked at us. She started smiling endlessly and I know she could feel God's love for her. Despite the physical signals and form of communication, the sense of silence and the gloomy ambiance in the room strikingly whispers the love and hope that woman was holding onto . We shared her a simple message of God's love for her and spoke with her family. My companion and I felt really good that day.

On another day, we went out to teach a family who God absolutely placed in our paths to cross. The man had been fighting to make ends meet for his family. Their house was nothing but a little cell looking place. I mean 2 feet from the bed was their little kitchen that consisted of a pot, a bag of rice, a bag of salt, sugar, and fish sauce. That was pretty much it. The little house was consumed with mosquitoes. Since it was really small for us to teach, we would always share our message at member's shack in front of the family's house. I could the working miracle of the Gospel in this family's lives. As we were teaching the husband, he stopped us politely and asked sister, what exactly is a "tee bontul" testimony? Haha, then right away our member help just started bearing her testimony in the hope of explaining the word testimony of Jesus Christ. The man then started telling us how his life has started changing ever since he started learning about Jesus Christ. He then told us that he prayed to know the truth of the Gospel and that very night, he had received this dream that He saw a fair man  and of perfectly white stature far above his head. The brightness of his  glory consumed the his eyes that he couldn't distinguish the man's features exactly. Well, I decided to pull out a picture of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ picture to him. Oh my, he was like: Yeah, Sisters exactly like that! That's it. I dreamed of that GUY! hah oh my.

On the way back after the lesson with the family, I had this feeling to just see if our other investigator would be at her home from work. However,on  the way, well all of the way the whole village and forest is filled with flooded rain and mud. There was no way we could bike through. We got off our bikes and prayed to Heavenly Father if we should pursue the course knowing that I have no light and my companion's bike light was not so sufficient to see clearly. Right after the prayer, we saw this guy, like in the middle of a foresty area, came out of nowhere, who was wearing a headlight, hunting out some frogs. We asked if we could walk with him, and he was going the exact same way as us. OH MY. I was about to drop to my knees and thank God. Than, the man asked if we wanted to talk with his wife. We didn't have much time, but we spoke to her. It was so nice to see God's hands and work of miracles in our lives. You just never know. You just never know!

Well, I pray with hope that your week will full of joy and experiences.

I love you all,
Sister Sok

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