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Sunday April 9, 2017 at 10:53PM

Hello! I am doing well and things are going great in Keansvay and Chbar Ampov. I pray that this story will uplift you.

Her  Devotion to God

I had an opportunity to exchange with an incredible missionary. Her name is Sister Soem. I would describe her as silent dignity. Her story is similar to mine, in some ways they are. She is a pioneer in her family.

I remember sitting down after we got home and just talking with her about our conversion stories. She is so strong. The ambiance in the room  absolutely describes Sister Soem, Silent Dignity. If that makes sense. The room was filled with serenity. As the calm yellow spectrum of the sun's rays reflected off of our glass windows, my heart began to sink deep and deeper into the words my companion shared with me.  and I so remember the immensity of the Spirit of the Lord that lingered in the room.

Her Story: Sister Soem is actually from the Orphanage that I used to visit when I was serving in the city, Tuek Laah area during the 1st half of my training. One of the greatest trials she had to endure was the period prior to her mission. She is the very light for me. She shared her story to some of the missionaries. She described to me about  her journey of standing  as a witness of the Savior, in especially in the face of her  family members, who were non members at the time, I believe. As a young child, she went through some hard times with her family and came on her own decision to live in the Orphanage. The orphanage is run partly, by the church and many of the children there, are members of the church. She became a member of the church when she was about 16 years old and then on, she has had a strong desire to serve a mission. The week before entering the Missionary Training Center/mission, an unexpected tragedy had struck her. She received the news from her hometown village that her 10 year old sister had drowned in a nearby lake.  Her decisions were laid on the table:  to continue to get on the plane and go on the scheduled date or delay it or not go at all. As she conversed with the Lord, she felt that it was His will for her to go that week she is to supposed to go. Her resilience, along with unwavering faith has taught me much. I believe that one of the most important lessons I learned and strive to continue to learn as a disciple of the Lord is to listen and learn, and put them into actions. Just listen and Learn as much as I can about my companions, those around me and to open my mouth in times I am needed to. To embrace the opportunities to cross path with them.

I am learning and experiencing more and more of patience, patience in His time table. I remember my mission President had asked me to open the scriptures to James 1 and ponder in my heart the word divers as it pertains to what God would ask of me during that specific experience and the task he has assigned me.

As James explains:
"My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this,  that the trying of your faith worketh patience.But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him."

My understanding of the verse continues to help me kneel to His feet and humble myself in times when God challenges me to stand for just another moment. To change the phrase divers to afflictions, to endure them with charity and patience. In every bit of my fiber, I want to hold on to these experiences. I remember the guidance from Sister Christensen in regards to God's plan for me. I often imagine God's children in Heaven and ancestors praying and begging me to hold on for just a little further. For a moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory to Him who gives me life.  I've learned that the name I put on my chest everyday is the very one that shouts Salvation to those who come unto Him. Salvation for not just my family and but to be his instrument in opening the ways  to help the generations that will come.  I believe in God's miracles, because I have seen and experienced them through my own eyes, not ones of myself, but many because other's lives have changed because of His Divine Light. I know that I love the Gospel and grateful to have met the people here in Cambodia, to help them see that they lives are precious to God. That God loves them. I wish I could tell more, but  the important thing is I know that Christ lives and this is His true Church and Gospel. Thank you for all your support.

With gratitude and Love,

Sister Sok

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