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"Sisters, Please tell me more"

Sunday July 23, 2017 at 8:37PM

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This week has touched me in a level which really brought me closer to my Savior. We met this wonderful woman in her early 30s and my companion and I are amazed at how God has been preparing her to meet Him. Her story is such an inspiration for me. Her conversion is a result of her sacrifice and utmost diligence in trying to give her life to the Lord, Jesus Christ. We first met the woman at church in a different branch in Tahkmao. We contacted her, but I believe she stopped using her phone. She worked in a place where she only makes about 5 dollars a day and she is not permitted to go to church or to meet with the missionaries. Before the job, she had to runaway from her husband because he was so abusive to her. She has  a little baby girl who is the heart of her life and is trying to make ends meet to take care of her. We have been praying that God would allow us to meet this woman again. This week, we got a call from her saying that" Sisters, I have given up my job, so I could seek to find my own refuge in what I believe to be most in important in my life, to follow God, I wanted so bad to go to church. She further told us that she could not take care of her child because she wouldn't have enough money. She had prayed to God to find someone who could help her find God. A few weeks later, she met a family, who is a total stranger to her and they had offered her a place to stay. It was such a miracle for her. She prayed again to be able to know which church to attend. She then decided to call us missionaries and asked if we could meet with her.

The moments of teaching this woman helped me draw closer to my Savior. Just listening to her sacrifice and devotion for God. She loves her family so much. We told her about the Plan of Salvation. It was then and there I got a further witness of the truthfulness of God's plan for my life and that woman's life. There was this sweet moment that I wish I could capture forever. The woman had longed to be with her mother who passed away years ago. She has had this burdening guilt that has been dragging her spiritual frame for years and to have known this sweet message, that she could see her mother again. That she could fix her relationship with her mother through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was such a tender experience to know that what God had prepared in our hearts answered the question she longed to be answered for years. I felt like this shadow that had followed her for her whole life up until now, had been swept by the sweet serene light of Christ.  I couldn't hold my tears, neither of us could. The next day, we met her she had asked us to teach her again. Our branch president and one of our recent converts had joined in. The spirit was so powerful in the lesson.

I am so grateful to have served in Tahkmao. The good Lord has given me much,  much much more than I could ever fathom. Brothers and Sisters, I know Christ lives. I know He does. I get to see his living divinity each and everyday of my life. Nothing is as sweet as knowing that I can live with my family forever. I know He lives and I am even much more closer to Him as I surrender and follow His will to love the people around me. I see that He lives through the beauty of this land, through the beauty of those I meet and the trees and rawness of everything around me. I know He lives, because I am able to give: my talents, my love, my all, and through the Grace of God; other's lives are changing.

Training and serving in this area has been a memory of a lifetime. I have absolutely learned and was able to improve much during this journey. I am evermore closer to my savior.It's crazy how time flies, almost a year in the mission now. I am being transferred to white wash this area called Tul Tompung with  my new companion,  Sister Smith.

With love and gratitude,
Sister Sok

Pumping water at this lady's house. She got really sick, so we had to help carry buckets of water.
Pioneer Day!

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