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Sunday October 16, 2016 at 10:30PM


This week has been a theme of miracles. Small, yet eye-opening miracles.  My companion and I are absolutely seeing the progress in the Tuk Tlaa and Tuk Laot Area. We have been visiting the less active members and have been in contact with the referrals that we received. One of my challenges is trying to get to know  both of our areas in order to effectively find our members' or referral's houses. I am learning quite a bit on not just teaching the lessons, but teaching the investigators eye to eye and heart to heart. Moreover, I've learned to teach with much love. The love that Christ has for them and I am trying my best to transcend that very love for the people we have been teaching. Christ has taught me what love truly means and I know that the power of his very Atonement can pierce each of the Khmer people's heart with the love and light of Christ.

I know that God grants us miracles each and everyday as we strive our best to do His work in conjunction with being obedient. Most of the times, I am not quite sure how those miracles happen, but they do. Most importantly, I've learned that for most of the time here on my mission, the word miracle is not directed to me nor for my own good. However, I am seeing the miracles in the lives of others. One day, my companion and I were showing one of the investigators a tour of the church. We walked passed a member who told us that there was a man sitting on a chair and he had some questions for the missionaries. We walked up to him and started a conversion. His eyes were shot red and his body looked so feeble.  He told us the reason why he is here and why he is completely hopeless. This man had tried to commit suicide at least 3 times. He had problems with his families and his life was falling a part. He told us that he's lost and that this building maybe his last refuge. He had known nothing about God and Jesus Christ, but his nephew had told him about the church.  He told us that 10 years ago, he rejected the message of the missionaries, but now that his life is in a deep abyss, he is in need of God's miracle. As we were talking to him, our bishop and two elders just so happened to come by. I was amazed how God perfectly prepared this man to meet Him again, to understand that there is a God who loves this man no matter what. The next day was Sabbath day. I had the opportunity to bear my testimonies and introduce myself as a missionary to the ward. When the service ended, my companion and I saw this man again. He thanked God for showing him the way. He told us that his wife and his children had returned back to him. I feel humbled, humbled that my companion and I took part in God's miracle.

In another miracle, there is a less active member we tried to visit. Her name is ming Paul. However, she would never be home when we do visit her. My companion and I diligently tried again the next day. Little did we know that on that day, she really needed our help. She is sick and hasn't been to church for 2 months. She told us that she felt really loved when we visited her. I know that the spirit was there.

In another miracle, my companion and I had visited a member who just had a child.  She was so happy to see us missionaries.  Meeting her was a miracle, because she had strengthened our faith in Christ. She told us the various witnesses and experiences she had about Jesus Christ. How the deliverance of her child was a miracle. This was one of the lessons where I really learned to listen. Where the lesson became the utmost focus on the investigators. Some of the best lessons are when the Khmer people bear their testimonies of Christ one after another and we as missionaries would sit and listen.

Each and everyday, one rain drop at a time, I am learning more about the Khmer people. I am learning how God has prepared us all to meet him again through the different experiences and testimonies that were bore and hearts that were touched. Some met God through a traumatic experience, some through hopeless situations, and some through the love that others had instilled in their hearts because of Christ's Atonement.

I believe that true conversion is what makes us all tick. That's why are here to represent Christ and serve Him. I believe that conversion isn't an event but rather in this life, a gradual progression to each holier state that's ascending closer to God. I know that the work I am doing is of God. I love God and my family with all of my heart . I know that I can help others feel the love God has for each of them. I bear my testimonies in the name of my Savior, Jesus the Christ, Amen.

The mission is life changing. I have the opportunity to visit the orphanage on every Tuesday. I love the children. Also, I get to teach English class!

With love,
Sister Sok

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